Friendship: Friendship is …. the relationship between two people who like each other and enjoy being in each other's company. Throughout life you will have various opportunities to make different kinds of friends. It is important that you learn to take your true friends with you along the way.

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About the Organization
Al-Sam is a non – profit organization operating for more than three decades. It works to empower, treat and advise youth and young adults (up to age 24), who experimented or used drugs and/or alcohol. Counseling is also given to parents.Al-Sam has 14 branches throughout the country with a staff that specializes in the field of addiction and adolescence.Al-Sam's treatment framework includes –

  • individual therapy
  • family therapy
  • group therapy for youths, young adults and parents

The therapy is accompanied by urine tests to locate any traces of drugs.

The goal of the therapy is to attain the ability to cope independently with problems and to find alternative ways to self actualization without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Al-Sam operates to reduce the phenomena of drug and alcohol abuse and its damages, offering professional treatment for every adolescent or young adult who uses drugs and/or alcohol, to family members and those closely involved.

Al-Sam is obligated by law to confidentiality.

For advice call: 1-700-50-50-55

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Prevention and Information Center
Al-Sam's Prevention and Information Center was established with the intention of exposing youth to the consequences of drug and alcohol use without passing judgment.We aim to create an open and honest dialogue about drugs and alcohol by connecting to youth through their language and world.The Center invites you to take an active part in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse prevalent among youth and young adults. We invite you to order one of our lectures or workshops, which serve as a part of Al-Sam's rich and unique range of prevention and information programs for youth, educational staff and parents.

  • Payment will be requested
  • Lecturers are professionals and group lecturers


For further details and reservations  1-700-50-50-55

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Al-Sam in the Community
Al-Sam operates a number of unique projects within the community. The goal of these projects is to make treatment available to those who cannot receive treatment at the organization's branches. These groups can receive assistance in a supportive therapeutic and empowering framework:Children of addicts:for children between 6 – 12 years old where one or both parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol.Children of foreign workers:An intervention program to prevent use of drugs/alcohol among children of refugees in Israel.Youth in boarding schools: Al-Sam operates in a large number of boarding schools and grants a systematic and comprehensive program which includes individual and group treatment to the children and provides professional counseling to the staff of counselors and caretakers.Arab youth: The generation gap in which Arab youth live creates conflicts and great difficulties in addition to the customary turbulence of adolescence. These additional difficulties often bring with them drug and alcohol abuse. In order to understand their world and difficulties, Al-Sam employs an Arab social worker who is familiar with the culture, language and norms of the youth. He works with each in individual and group therapy.

Female adolescents at high risk: Female adolescents in distress have a tendency to abuse drugs and alcohol in an attempt to "self medicate". The substance abuse grants temporary relief but is quite dangerous. Al-Sam emphasizes assisting those female adolescents that reside in "supportive housing" environments.

New immigrant groups: Al-Sam workers treat new immigrant youth from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia by means of group meetings throughout the year. These meetings focus on drug and alcohol prevention taking into account cultural sensitivity and relating to characteristics of new immigrants and children of new immigrants.

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Al-Sam is supported by donations in order to implement its current activities and expand them. We will be happy to receive donations and every donation is welcome.  Thank you!
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You can ask questions on any subject related to our expertise. Answers will be provided by Al-Sam professionals within 48 hours.